Guinea Pig Care Services 

In an effort to support the guinea pigs and guinea pig parents all across Southern California, we offer the following guinea pig care services for a small donation.

All Boarding and Grooming fees go back to supporting our rescue pigs.

Hog Hotel Boarding

UPDATE: We are  fully booked for the month of July - We can only accept reservations for stays beginning August 1st and onward.  Sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you!

We can take care of your fur babes while you are away! Please fill out our online Boarding Request Form here with your requested dates and the number of pigs you would like to check in. We will contact you to confirm and discuss your guinea pig's specific care and accommodation needs.  

                                         Rates: start at $10 per day for a single, $15 per day for a pair and $20 for a trio

                                                 Pick up and drop off service can be arranged for an extra donation.

Grooming Services

Guinea pigs with ringworm.JPG

Anti-Fungal Bath for Ringworm

Guinea pigs don't usually need baths but sometimes special circumstances like ringworm, dermatitis or a particularly rough entry or stay at the animal shelter prior to adoption will necessitate grooming intervention from humans. Long-haired guinea pigs can be prone to matting and may need regular trims.


We offer the following specialty baths listed below, or a basic bath and blow-dry for a $30 donation.


Nail trims and boar cleanings need to be done every 4-8 weeks. We can show you how, or do it for you for a $15 donation.

Contact Us here to request grooming services.

Shelter Be Gone Bath: A special package for piggies just adopted from the shelter that includes a bath, topical treatment of any scratches or scabs, mite treatment, dermatitis treatment (if necessary), fur trim (if necessary), nail trim, boar cleaning and blow dry.

Anti-Fungal Bath: A medicated bath used in conjunction with topical or oral medication to treat ringworm.

At least one bath per week is recommended until skin and fur are totally healed.  

Peruvian Package: Includes detangling bath, trim and mat removal if necessary, nail trim, boar cleaning, brush out and blow dry.

Basics: Nail Trims and Boar Cleanings. Recommended monthly - roughly every 4-8 weeks depending on the pig. 

Before bath guinea pig_edited.jpg
after bath guinea pig_edited.jpg

 Georgie Before and After His "Shelter Be Gone Bath"