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Guinea Pig Supply List

We know choosing the best supplies can be confusing, especially when big box pet stores sell so many products that don't consider the health, comfort and unique needs of the animals as a top priority. 

We've put together a shopping list to help you get the best items for your guinea pigs.

As volunteers, we work 24/7 to run this rescue so we only want the best for our adoptable piggies. While they are in our care, and in their new forever homes.


We've added links for easy shopping.

You can also visit our Links & Resources page for more trusted suppliers.

Cage / Habitat 

C&C Cages - Kavee Cage

C&C Cages - Guinea Pig Cages Store

C&C and Midwests and Upgrades - Guinea Pig Cage Company

Midwest Cage Regular - no cover or divider

Midwest Cage Plus - with top and divider


*Please read through our cage guide for more information on cage sizes and set ups

Cage Bedding

Fleece Liners - Plush Piggie

Fleece Liners - Lucy's Cozy's

Carefresh Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select Paper Bedding

Kiln Dried Pine Shavings

Water Bottle

12 oz for travel carrier

16-oz bottle for 2 pigs (2 for 2 pigs is great)

Food Dish 

Heavyweight bowl (2 for 2 pigs is great)

Huts & Hideouts


Cuddle Cups

Soft Houses

Timothy Tunnel

Fiddlesticks Tunnel

Willow Tunnel

Cozy Cave

Corner Curtains

Hammock with Stand

Pellet Food *our adoptable guinea pigs are currently eating Oxbow essentials

High-quality plain timothy-based pellets only, no seeds, nuts or colored bits.

Oxbow Essentials Cavy Cuisine Adult

Oxbow Essentials Young Adult (babies under 6 months and pregnant or nursing mamas)

Oxbow Garden Select

Oxbow Garden Select Young Adult (babies under 6 months and pregnant or nursing mamas)

Sherwood Small Pet

Small Pet Select

Hay:Timothy, Orchard or Blends (also provide Alfalfa for pigs under 6 months)

Small Pet Select Orchard Hay

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

Oxbow Hay Blends

Oxbow Timothy Hay

Vitamin C Supplement

Oxbow Vitamin C “Cookies”

Childlife Liquid Vitamin C (50 mg)

Syringe *for liquid vitamin C

Toys, Chews, Treats & Enrichment

Oxbow Enriched Life

Oxbow Simple Rewards

Kaytee Baked Timothy Biscuits

Hay Squares & Blocks

Apple Sticks

Pea Flakes

Carrier: Sturdy Plastic Carrier 

20 inch Carrier


Nail Clippers

Kwik Stop *stops bleeding for accidentally cut quicks

Q Tips & Coconut Oil: For Boar cleanings 

Digital Kitchen Scale * with notebook to record weight

Pet Friendly Cleaner

Jackson Galaxy Stain & Odor Remover

10 pack refill of Jackson Galaxy Cleaner

Nature's Miracle Cage Cleaner

White Vinegar 

Squid in his hammock
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